Мысли для начала... мышления

Неграмотными в 21-м веке будут не те, кто не могут читать и писать, а те, кто не смогут научаться, от(раз)учаться и перенаучаться. Элвин Тоффлер


Ресурсы, помогающие освоить рациональность и науку для улучшения своей жизни

CFAR is a nonprofit organization that takes the results of cognitive science research and turns them into techniques that people can practice and use in their own lives. 

Less Wrong 
An online community for people who want to apply the discoveries of behavioral economists and cognitive psychologists to improve their thinking. 

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality 
This fanfic is a fun way to learn about the thinking errors our minds are wired to make. 

Clearer Thinking 
Free mini-courses and tools to help learn about and avoid thinking errors. 

You Are Not So Smart 
A blog/podcast about human irrationality presented in an accessible and fun way. 

My Rational Pony
A comic series about rationality, probability theory, statistics, cognitive science, and ponies.

Источник: http://intentionalinsights.org/resources